As part of the requirements under AWRS for supplying our beer to retail and pub partners, Arthur’s Stone Brewery has put in place due diligence procedures and policies to prevent duty fraud, protect our business and brand and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

The following procedures and policies will be applied with potential new partners and re-checked annually for existing partners.

Procedures and Policies

Though not exclusively, we will typically only begin a trading partnership with people with whom we have previously built trust.

We have close regard to “know your customer” requirements as set out and updated in 2017 Money Laundering Regulations.

We have adopted processes that will:

  1. Check identity of trading partners.
  2. Check financial health of trading partners.
  3. Check independent sources for history and intelligence about trading partners.

Where any concerns are identified, we will decline to trade with new customers or cease trading with existing partners.

If we suspect fraud, HMRC will be notified through our local contact.


These procedures and policies are subject to review and change at any time.




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